Book Review- The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman


I can see why this book has been so popular.

Mixing a bit of magic, darkness, and true kindness, it serves up a thoroughly enjoyable read. Gaiman manages to maintain a lighthearted story thanks to the memorable female characters and their interactions with the narrator. Told from a man’s perspective as he reflects on his childhood, the story maintains a dream-like quality, which holds true even when the narrator is face to face with an intimidating, but never completely horrifying being that is not of this world.

Gaiman’s writing is simplistic but beautiful with a fantastic perspective and a story line that never gets messy despite the many characters that are introduced.

Though there are some intense moments, the reader is spared from a sense of foreboding, as the story quickly progresses into moments that are filled with goodness and hope.

Although short in length, (178pages), this story gets the job done and leaves the reader feeling satisfied.

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