One Book One Broomfield part 2

The wait is over, and this blog update is overdue, the 2014 One Book One Broomfield (OBOB) choice is Blood Memory by Margaret Coel. This year the committee selected two books, Coel’s fictional work Blood Memory and her non-fiction work Chief Left Hand. Each title deals in its own way with the Sand Creek Massacre and its aftermath.

blood memoryBlood Memory is a mystery set in Denver that follows Catherine McLeod, investigative reporter for the “Journal,” one of Denver’s major newspapers. Her recent coverage of the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes filing a claim for twenty-seven million acres of their ancestral lands has made her the target for assassination. Her investigation uncovers a conspiracy involving her ex-husband’s wealthy family and state politicians. As Catherine unravels the truth, she discovers some startling facts about her own heritage, making her would-be killer all the more desperate to find her.

Chief Left Hand recounts the life of the Arapaho chief, diplomat, and linguist, describes the experiences of his tribe during the nineteenth century, and discusses the Sand Creek Massacre.


The library has many events planned to tie in with the OBOB, culminating in a talk and book signing from Margaret Coel on Saturday, November 8. Follow this link for all the events:

The library has also created a bibliography if you want to read more about Arapaho culture, land rights and the Sand Creek Massacre. Here’s the link to that:

-Sarah BG


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