The Boy

theboyThe Boy is an unsettling horror flick, using the well-worn device of a doll which may or may not be alive.

Lauren Cohan (of the Walking Dead) stars as Greta, a woman with a dark secret hoping to escape her past. She gains employment in England as a nanny for the Heelshires, whom have hired her to look after their “son,” Brahms. As it turns out Brahms is a creepy life-size doll. At first Greta chuckles at the idea, but soon realizes that there is nothing humorous about her situation. Especially since the Heelshires treat the doll as a real boy.

Soon after Greta gets settled in, the Heelshires go on vacation, leaving her alone in the house to take care of Brahms with a set of rules to follow. At first Greta ignores the rules and odd things start to happen: her clothing disappears, Brahms appears to have moved of his own volition. Greta soon comes to understand that there is more to Brahms than meets the eye. She starts “caring ” for him by following the rules to the letter.

The dark secret from Greta’s past surfaces, forcing a startling conclusion with deadly consequences.

The Boy is rated PG-13 for violence and terror, and for some thematic material. The violence is fairly mild, all things considered. The movie relies more on the creep factor than horrific, bloody violence to create a palpable sense of dread. While the movies does rely on the animated doll horror trope, the conclusion took me by surprise. Of course, as with most movies of this sort, the ending leaves room to make The Boy 2.

Click on the following link to place a hold:

The Boy

Worth a look if you like horror or unsettling movies.

Skip it if animated dolls give you the heebie jeebies.



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