Book Review The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

the-passenger-lisa-lutzI came to read this on the strong recommendation of one of our regular patrons, thank you Beverly!

Lutz takes a break from the Spellmans in this standalone thriller introducing us to Tanya Dubois, the enigmatic heroine who is the unhappy wife of the deceased Frank Dubois, who took a fatal, unassisted tumble down the basement stairs of their Waterloo, Wis. home.

Fearing the police will think she pushed Frank, Tanya decides to get out of Waterloo as fast as possible, and she holes up in a sleazy motel, the first of many she’ll stay in, to call the mysterious Mr. Oliver, who grudgingly agrees to supply her with a new identity and some starter cash. It is clear he’s done it before. Tanya briefly becomes Amelia Keen in Austin, Tex., where she meets the beguiling but dangerous bartender Blue. The reader quickly learns that Amelia and Blue each have unsavory pasts, and the agreement the women reach sends both of them off with new names.

While the pacing falters in places and the final reveal lack wallop-you may figure out the ending before Lutz is ready to reveal it- Lutz’s complex web of finely-honed characters will keep you turning the pages.

To place a hold, click on the link The Passenger.



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