Banned Books Week

This week we are observing Banned Books week, annual event celebrating the freedom to read. And the freedom to read whatever we choose, even materials some might consider unorthodox or unpopular.

In the past we have created displays of books that have been banned or challenged in libraries and schools across America, sometimes asking readers to guess why a particular title was banned. Or in what year The Great Gatsby was challenged. Or displaying  challenged books with paper flames around them. All eye-catching ways to bring the issue of intellectual freedom to the forefront quickly.

This year Katie has created a more personal display. We do have a small stand of banned books and the lists from the American Library Association of the most frequently challenged books.

This year, we are asking you, our readers and library patrons, to tell us who instilled in you your love of reading, what fictional character from a banned book would you want to have to lunch with, etc.

We would love to have your input, please stop by the second floor this week (9/25-10/2).

We hope to leave the display up past the end of the “official” celebration, because celebrating the freedom to read is a lifelong effort.



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