Arrival is an intelligent, engrossing science fiction film. Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, The Enemy, Nightcrawler) Arrival presents a plausible look at humanity’s first meeting with alien life forms.

When 12 alien space ships appear over 12 locations throughout the world, expert linguist  Dr. Louise Banks (played by Amy Adams) is tasked with figuring out how to communicate with the aliens aboard the ship hovering over Montana in the United States. Assisting her is a theoretical physicist (played by Jeremy Renner). Rounding out the cast is Forrest Whitaker as US Army Colonel Weber who is leading the American effort to find out what the aliens’ intentions are.

Arrival is a slow-moving film. Tension in the plot revolves around whether or not Dr. Banks can interpret what the aliens want. But more importantly, even if humanity is successful in communicating with the aliens, humanity still fails at communicating with each other. At first the 12 different groups cooperate with each other, sharing information about the aliens. But as time goes on, relations break down and it appears as if a human attack on one of the alien ships is imminent. Arrival captures the paranoia and distrust very well: humanity turns on itself as the inferred threat of the aliens looms ever present.

As always, humans are quick to assume ill intent on the part of the aliens despite the fact that the aliens have traveled light years to get to earth in spaceships that defy human understanding. If the aliens truly meant harm to humanity, it is unlikely the anything could be done to stop such a sufficiently advanced life-form.

Worth a look if you like intelligent, thoughtful science fiction films.

Skip it if spacecraft dogfights and laser-gun battles are more your thing.

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