Quirky Movies: The Trust

mv5bmta4nje3otk1mzdeqtjeqwpwz15bbwu4mdmwmtk1mjgx-_v1_sy1000_cr006741000_al_The Trust is a quirky caper movie in which Nicholas Cage gives one his patented over-the-top performances. Sometimes this can be very annoying but Cage’s performance works well for this movie.

Cage plays Stone, a Las Vegas cop who works in the evidence room.  He collects evidence from crime scenes to be taken back, cataloged and stored. Elijah Wood plays Waters, Stone’s partner. Stone is confident, methodical and calculating. Waters is a twitchy stoner who avails the services of prostitutes.

Stone discovers a bail receipt which was paid in cash to the amount of $200K. This gets him thinking that nobody pays $200k in cash to bail out a low-life criminal. He follows the money and makes a startling discovery: a hidden vault where one should not be. Stone decides to break in to rob the vault of its contents. He hatches a plan and gets his partner, Waters, involved.

It becomes apparent in the beginning, that these two are in way over their heads. They constantly forget small details which come back to haunt them later. When they do discover what is in the vault, they realize that they are stealing from people they most definitely shouldn’t be.

The movie starts out slow and it is confusing as to what is going on. Some of the scenes are played for laughs and it almost seems as though this movie is going to be a cop-buddy comedy. Once Stone discovers the vault, the movie takes a dark, serious turn.

Worth a look if you like quirky crime capers.

Skip it if Cage’s over-the-top antics annoy you.

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Quirky Movies: Mr. Right

mr rightMr. Right is a quirky movie, sometimes self-consciously so, but the strength of the two leads, Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick make for an eminently enjoyable viewing experience. The writing is crisp and witty and at just over an hour and a half run time, the action never lets up. Kudos to the writer, who remained on point and didn’t waste any time on unnecessary sub plots.

Sam Rockwell (in fine form as always) plays Mr. Right/Francis, a hit man who is on the run from his employers. It seems he has developed a conscience and no longer wants to kill people for a living, except those who have hired him. He becomes sort of a “reverse hit man.”

Anna Kendrick plays Martha, a woman who has just recently gone through a painful breakup. Martha is flighty, even exhibiting Manic Pixie Dream Girl(TM) tendencies. Martha meets Francis and they hit it off; she seems to think that he is the “perfect” guy. Of course his fatal flaw is that he is a hit man (albeit a remorseful one) but once she finds out his secret, she decides that what they have is real and wants to make it work. When Francis jokes about killing people it isn’t clear whether Martha just doesn’t believe him or just doesn’t care.  Of course, Francis’ past catches up with him in the form of Tim Roth, a former partner and current hit man with unclear allegiances. Roth turns in a fine performance.

One criticism is that there is  17-year age gap between Martha and Francis. However, the chemistry between the two actors is so palpable it never feels creepy or inappropriate. The cutesy dialog would have been unbearable had it been delivered by lesser actors but astonishingly, Rockwell and Kendrick make it work.

Although it is a fairly violent movie, most of the violence is played for laughs. Rockwell’s patented dance moves are incorporated into the movie as a bizarre unarmed hand-to-hand combat style.  Because Francis is a hit man, there is a fair amount of shooting and killing.

Worth a look if you like offbeat, quirky rom-coms about offbeat, quirky characters.

Skip it if quirky Manic Pixie Dream Girls(TM) are not your thing.

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Mr. Right

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