Teaching Soldering at the Public Library Association Conference, Denver April 8, 2016

Using Sparkfun Weevil Eye kits (my go-to kit) I taught 10 people the basics of soldering during PLA. While most had no experience with soldering, a few had soldered in the past and were able to pick it up again. Everybody did a great job (all the kits worked!) and I was able to meet some cool folks from other libraries around the country.

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Soldering Day at the Library

Today I taught a soldering class at the library. Using Hakko soldering stations to put together a Sparkfun Weevil Eye kit, the class learned the basics of electronics soldering by building a printed circuit board (PCB) kit. They were a good group of people and quick learners. Everybody’s kit worked the first time! A fun time was had by all.















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